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    Wood Tips


    To make delivery as convenient as possible for every
    one, we will call a day or two ahead and ask you to
    mark the drop site with a plastic grocery bag tied to a
    stake  exactly where you want us to drop the wood. Put
    the check in a ziploc inside the grocery bag. This way
    you can go about  your daily routine uninterrupted. It
    often gives us a quick clue from the road as to whether
    we need to back in or drive in. This saves us a little time
    and a lot of guessing.   If you have plans for us to drop
    the wood out in your yard, we need to know  this so we
    can plan delivery when the ground is solid. The drop
    site must be a place where the truck will not be on a
    side hill when the wood is dumped. The truck is 11 1/2
    feet tall before raising the box, so wires and branches
    must be accounted for.


    Best set-up: woodshed with main opening facing
    south for maximum exposure to the sun.
    Good set-up: ventilated shed or stacked pile with top
    covered, leaving sides open to air.
    Poor set-up: uncovered pile on north side of house or
    under trees with no sun.
    Worst set-up: pile dumped under trees on the
    ground, tightly covered with tarp, trapping moisture
    under it.

    Starter Log is the best and most convenient fire starter
    we have found – one match does it every time. It is a
    mixture of sawdust and paraffin wax. Just break off
    small chunks as needed.  (Walmart, K-Mart, Tops, e

                               FUEL COST COMPARISONS

                       $ PER                         BTUs per                              COST per
           FUEL                 UNIT                          SALE UNIT                      25,000,000 BTU

        Wood            $175   Cord                   25,000,000                           $ 175
      Coal                $230    Ton                    25,000,000                           $ 230
      Wood pellets  $ 279   Ton                    16,000,000                           $ 436
      Oil                   $ 2.75   Gal.                        138,500                             $ 495
      Gas                 $ 15  / 1000 cu. ft             1,075,000                          $ 349
      Gas                 $ 1.40 Therm                      100,000                           $ 350
      Propane          $ 2.79 Gal                             91,000                             $ 767
      Electric            $.11   KW                                3,412                               $ 806

                           What is a Cord?

 (b) Cord means the amount of wood which is contained in a space of 128 cubic feet, when the wood is
    ranked and well stowed. The dimensions for a standard cord of wood are four feet in height, eight feet
    in width and four feet in depth and shall be stated whenever the term is used. (NYS Weights and

    2  1/2 Cord delivery will stack to 8'x 10' x 4' containing 320 cubic feet

            5 Cord delivery will stack to 8'x 20' x 4' containing 640 cubic feet

                                                      What is a Face Cord?

             (c) Face cord means the front or face of a standard cord, i.e., four feet in height and eight feet in width,
    and the depth being defined by the length of the cut wood expressed in inches. The dimensions shall
    be stated whenever the term face cord is used in any representation. (NYS Weights and Measures)

Finger Lakes Firewood uses the Standard Cord (4'x4'x8') as the unit of sale, not Face Cords