Finger Lakes Firewood
Willlseyville, NY
  607 659 7718

      Established in 1984, Finger Lakes Firewood is a family owned and
    operated company serving Tioga, Tompkins and surrounding counties
    for over 20 years.  
      We find it satisfying to provide local renewable energy to our
    customers. Your dollars to us are put back to work in our local
    economy. We like to think that keeping  energy dollars circulating in
    Upstate NY  is a good thing. Hopefully,  some will come back to you in
    your own line of work.

       Attention Firewood Customers:

    Due to the strong demand for firewood, it has become essential that you
    order your supply of firewood as EARLY in the spring as possible.
    Winter, if the ground frozen solid, is also a good time to order.

    Buying your wood early will assure you of having the best seasoned
    wood by fall, saving up to 20 percent over the cost of wood during the
    fall rush. Prices go up throughout the summer and into fall.

    Our top grade hardwoods make excellent firewood and are cut and split
    to suit your need.

    Our firewood is available in 2 ½ or 5 cord loads.
    [1 standard cord=4’x4’x8’=128 cubic feet]    [5 cord is one truck load]        

         Place your order when you are READY to take delivery        

          Please consider that gas and fuel prices are volatile and uncertain, so
prices are subject to change. This website will be updated regularly.

Thanks always, for your contribution to my table,

Henry Huizinga

    * To repeal the sales tax on renewable fuels in Ithaca and
    Tompkins County click here

    Our firewood is cut in New York and within 50 miles of Candor,
    meeting  NYSDEC  regulations  for " New York -Sourced firewood".
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Delivery may be anytime in the next 1 - 4 weeks.   5 cord truckloads can be delivered within a week.
We will call you beforehand.       
   Stack firewood in the sun for fast drying.

PRICES                                               2 ½ CORD                                              5  CORD

                                                                              RATE  PER CORD

Std 16 -18” Length                           $205                                                         $200                     

Short 14_16” Length                        $215                                                        $210                        

BIG CHUNKS                                        $205                                                        $200
( For Outdoor boilers)

County Sales Tax Rates:   4%  Cayuga, Chemung, Cortland and Tompkins*                   
                      3%  Tioga
Exempt Counties: Broome, Chenengo, Schuyler, Steuben, Seneca and Yates.

         Exact pricing of your order:

Exempt  Counties:  
       2 ½ cord 16-18”                  $513                        5 cord 16-18"                     $1000          
       2 ½ cord 14-16”                  $538                        5 cord 14-16                      $1050            
       2 ½ cord BIG                        $ 513                        5 cord  BIG                         $1000       

4% Counties:  ( Cayuga, Chemung, Cortland, Tompkins
       2 ½ cord 16-18”                  $533                              5 cord 16-18”             $1040           
       2 ½ cord 14-16”                  $559                              5 cord 14-16”             $1092           
        2 ½cord BIG                         $533                             5 cord BIG                    $1040

3% County, Tioga                    
        2½ cord 16-18”                $527                                   5 cord 16-18”             $1030        
        2 ½ cord  14-16”              $554                                  5 cord 14-16                $1082       
        2 1/2  cord BIG                   $527                                 5 cord BIG                     $1030